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Seeking a Career in a Growing Industry?

Massage therapy is a growing field with an anticipated growth of 22% between 2018-2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. People are moving towards massage due to its many health benefits and low financial cost. AAM is committed to providing the skills and knowledge necessary for students to become employed in the massage therapy field. We also provide holistic wellness to members of our community.

AAM's mission is to provide post-secondary education to assist people in accomplishing their career goals without the high percentage of debt that comes along with standard colleges.

Massage Program Courses

AAMs curriculum is a 500-hour course. The course will take approximately 28 weeks to complete.
We provide classes and lectures to meet this law in order for students to graduate and be prepared for licensure.

Courses offered include:

  • Business - AR Law & Ethics

  • Kinesiology

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Standard Precautions & Infection Control
  • Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy & Heliotherapy

  • Pathology

  • Massage Related Modalities

  • Hands on Techniques & Student Clinicals

A safe and supervised learning experience for each student

A thorough knowledge of the structure and function of the human body

Assistance with developing professional work habits.

Theory and hands on practice for therapeutic massage modalities.

Preparation to pass the MBLEX in order to become licensed

I highly recommend this facility for a career in massage!

Dr. Clay Gross

Great program and amazing people! Being a very busy mom of 4 and a care taker for my father, AR Academy of Massage was the perfect career path for me. The school hours at the Academy worked great eith the hours my kids were attending school, which was the most important factor.

Autumn Travis

My experience with this school was great. Effort always put into the teaching and very understanding when it comes to life situations. They also do work payment program and accept VA benefits. Highly recommend to anyone interested in getting licensed in the future.

Dylan Sebren

With small class sizes, the instructors get to help more one-on-one / hands-on. Whenever I verbalized my lack of comprehension over a topic, they made sure to go over it again in a different approach. Rachel and Shalee also make the expereince of school enjoyable! P.S. The school has some of the best clients too!

Andrea Brock

I love this place. I wish I didn't Graduate because I would love to learn more. And staying with your friends and teachers was so much fun. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. ❤❤❤ The Best Massage School EVER! 😍😍😍

Via Orillano

Graduated from AAM in 2021! Great school and teachers!

Madison Wood

I graduated AAM two years ago and I have my very own thriving business in Jacksonville and I owe it all to the educators at Arkansas Academy of Massage.

Melissa Long

They helped me through every process of getting my license and finding a place to work at.

Mason Bivins

A wonderful experience full of wonderful women! These women work hard to provide each and every student with a meaningful education.

Shelby Benford

The instructors were very professional and helpful in every way and make sure you are ready and prepared when you leave. They want to see you succeed and thrive!

Dakotah Marling

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